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{VJclip} OMMNI – aYouTubeReMix

Experiment made with several YouTube audio and video streams of Iniesta’s goal, scored (1-1) at the 92th minute against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge Stadium in London, being worth the classification of FC Barcelona for the final against Manchester United in Rome. The moves are related in several languages from different TV and radio stations around the world, changing as the ball pass from one player to other and ending with a collective hysteria.

Followed by a mash-up of audio streams created after opening the 50 first more recent results of ‘iniesta gol’ search 8 hours after the conclusion of the game. The audio from different sources were mixed by the internet connection (as videos were loaded, played and paused) and used as parameters for a randomized visual remix.


OMMNI # goal version


OMMNI # extended version

by Nacho Durán ### TeleKommando VJs ### 06.05.09

~omnes viae roman ducunt~